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Now more than ever, our nation is in need of Biblical citizens who grasp the dynamic unity of citizens of the Kingdom of God and citizens of this great nation!


This 8-week course offers the quick-start guide to the longest standing Constitution in history, complete with an overview of all the Articles and Amendments. What sets this apart from other U.S. Constitution courses is the interactive, fast-paced presentations; the fabulous locations of Independence Hall and the Wallbuilders' Library; and finally our Biblical heritage intricately woven throughout the entire course!


You will learn how the founders relied on their Christian moorings and Biblical worldview to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. You will also be treated to encouraging historical facts and inspirational true stories that are not taught in our educational institutions today. All in all you will be edified and equipped to operationalize your faith and practice Biblical Citizenship in Modern America!


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"Not having a good understanding of US History I have always been hesitant to engage in conversations surrounding the Constitution and Politics. This class not only gave me a solid understanding of our founding and current rights and duties as U.S. citizens, but lit a fire in me to take action within my sphere of influence. Rather than complain, point my finger and do nothing to make things better, I have a plan to be a solution maker and encourage others to do the same."

"We might want to be fearful and complain about the state of our nation, but unless we take every opportunity to let our voice be heard and values known, nothing will change. Biblical Citizenship Class sets us on a path to work the system of Government our founding fathers created in establishing our Nation."

"The men involved in writing the constitution knew what was at stake for the future. The fact is, we grew up knowing about the constitution —but just a little here and there. But now through this class you can know the constitution — what it meant then and should mean now it’s an eye opener."